Galley Hatch expands outdoor dining with new large deck — the ‘Cheers of Hampton’

Fifty-one years and 10 additions later, only the bones of that quaint sandwich shop remain. In its place, the Galley Hatch  restaurant, now a fixture on the Seacoast, was born. 

“Over time this area has grown so much,” said Tinios, who is now ready to grow his family’s signature restaurant once again this summer with the addition of a new 750-square-foot deck.


Galley Hatch offering outdoor dining in heated igloos

Outdoor seating will be available through the winter in the form of a plastic igloo at the Galley Hatch, as the Route 1 restaurant tries a novel way to get through the coronavirus pandemic.


50 years at Hampton’s Galley Hatch: Manager Harry Bobolas gets special surprise party

Harry Bobolas was surprised Sunday morning when he arrived at the Galley Hatch for what he thought was a general celebration of the restaurant’s 50th anniversary. He quickly learned that the gathering of ownership, town officials and Galley Hatch regulars had come to celebrate and thank him for his 50-year tenure.


Hampton’s Galley Hatch restaurant turns parking lot into drive-in theater

“We wanted to do something for COVID relief and were thinking out of the box on how we could have a feel-good community event,” Tinios said. “As people know, where CVS is now, used to be the Hampton Cinemas. We wanted to do a little nostalgic type thing and bring back some feel-good movies to start it out. CVS allowed us to use the parking lot, which was a great thing.”

All proceeds from ticket sales will go to local food pantries. Tinios said the first recipient will be Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, which is allowing Galley Hatch staff to park in their lot adjacent to CVS.


Galley Hatch waitress says goodbye after 44 years

Eleanor Whitney once ran up Mount Washington and still managed to clock in for her waitress shift at the Galley Hatch that night. At 78, “Ellie” Whitney is retiring and moving to Bouvines, France, a plan her friends said she has spoken of for a long time. She said the Galley Hatch has been a big part of her life, which she will miss, but she is ready to move on.


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