Loyalty Rewards program

We love our regulars and love to reward them!

The Hampton Card is our customer loyalty program, it is our way of rewarding our regular customers with substantial savings.

The Hampton Card

Hampton Cardholders earn points from purchases on food, drinks, bakery items, and gifts, and are rewarded with $15 redeemable vouchers.
$ 10 Initiation Fee
  • Receive $15 voucher immediately
  • Additional $15 vouchers are awarded for every 400 points earned
  • $1 purchased = 1 point

Our Point system

Earn multiple points for every $1 you spend with us! We offer special days and special occasions where our loyalty card holders can earn extra points.
$ 1 Equals 1 point
  • Triple Point Mondays: $1 = 3 points
  • Double Point Tuesdays: $1 = 2 points
  • Bonus Point Specials throught the year- be sure to join our email list to stay informed of all the ways you can earn!