Established by the late Kay and Michael Tinios, the Galley Hatch has been a family owned and operated restaurant for over 50 years. Current owner and son, John Tinios, took on the expansion of Kay's Cafe in 2012 and most recently, Tinos Kitchen + Bar in 2015.


We source and serve the highest quality of food and beverage available to our guest expectations and market demands. We responsibly source our product and make every attempt to source local.


Our company is only as strong as our team members that comprise it. Our team is comprised of individuals who represent the highest of standards within the industry. We hire for attitude, train for ability, and empower individual growth and success.


The soul of hospitality lies in exceeding guests' expectations. Our guests are the reason for our existence, our best source of information, and the guarantee of our future success. Simply, we will never give up on a guest.


Our partners in business. We share with our vendors a mutually beneficial relationship based on trust, respect, honestly, and integrity. Our vendors are a reflection on us and ascribe to the standards we put forth and hold to.


The hospitality industry is a special endeavor that has at its core the sense of community, human interaction, and human connection.  We recognize the importance of community involvement within our area of operation and beyond.


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